DAWN Posts For The First Time Since Breaking Up With HyunA, Defends Her

He called out a netizen and protected HyunA.

DAWN has posted for the first time since the news of his and HyunA‘s separation, sharing a post that is defending her and slamming a netizen.

In a post on his personal Instagram account, DAWN shared a screenshot of a message he typed on his phone, both slamming a netizen for faking a message that looked as if it was sent by him and protecting and defending HyunA.

Hello, this is DAWN. This won’t be long. I’m going to sue that cowardly, dirty, pathetic person who spread that false information while pretending to be me. Even if we broke up, she is still precious to me and both more sincere and cooler than anyone I’ve ever met before. She is an artist that I will love the most in the future. Please don’t live like this and use your precious time on Earth in a good way.


DAWN posted this message in response to a photoshopped picture of a netizen pretending to be him following HyunA’s public Instagram post announcing her and DAWN’s breakup. In the fake picture, an account appearing to be DAWN claimed that HyunA lied to her and hid her past, and even went as far as cheating.

She lied and hid all of her past from me. While we were dating, she secretly met another guy and hid his existence from me. They briefly lived together in high school…

And there was even an abortion. I feel so betrayed. Just how many little lies are there… I’m going crazy…

— Fake post from a netizen

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