From The Biggest Spender To Biggest Crier: Here Are The Unofficial Positions Of Stray Kids, As Chosen By The Members

We totally agree with #6!

Stray Kids recently sat down for an interview with Billboard where they discussed their newest album, concerts, and more. They also played a game where they chose the member who best fit the questions being asked.

Check out their unofficial positions below.

1. The Biggest Spender

Answer: Felix

First up, everyone in the group immediately named Felix as the member who spends the most money. The Australian-born couldn’t refute the accusation at all!

2. The Selfie Lover

Answer: Han

The member who takes the most selfies is none other than Han. Though he was surprised at being picked at first, maknae I.N reminded him that he actually does fit the category best—he just doesn’t post the finished results often.

Han: Have you ever seen me take a selfie?

I.N: But you actually do take a lot of selfies.

Han: I have my reasons, I have my reasons. I take a lot of selfies but I don’t post them. The reason why? Because it looks bad.

Han | @realstraykids/Instagram

3. The One Who Forgets Lyrics

Answer: Han

Han was also chosen as the member who is most likely to forget the lyrics of their own songs, a funny coincidence considering that he is a lyricist himself.

Yeah, it’s me. I always forget.

— Han

4. The Best Dancer

Answer: Changbin

Though Changbin may not be part of the group’s renowned dance line, this does not mean that he’s not good at performing. His groupmates certainly hold him in high regard.

5. The Internet Explorer

Answer: Chanbin and I.N

Changbin was again mentioned when it came to the question, “Who is most likely to Google themselves?” This time, however, Stray Kids mostly focused on I.N being the most up-to-date on K-Pop trends and news.

6. The Biggest Crier

Answer: Felix and Bang Chan

Last but certainly not the least, the members of Stray Kids aren’t shy to show their emotional side in front of their fans. Felix and Bang Chan are known for getting teary-eyed the easiest among the members.

Me and Felix, we’re always very, very emotional. Especially when we’re on stage, we’re always [bawling].

— Bang Chan

Check out the full video below to learn more about them!

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