7 Things Stray Kids Felix’s Facial Features Reveal About His Personality

Can you judge a book by its cover?

Can you judge a book by its cover? Here’s what Stray Kids Felix‘s facial features say about his personality, according to Australian “people reader” Alan Stevens‘ criteria.

1. Confidence

According to Stevens, individuals with broader facial structures (measuring 70% or more in width in relation to their length) typically exhibit greater confidence and less cautious behavior as compared to those with narrower faces (measuring less than 60% in width in relation to their length).


As someone with a slender face, Felix is the type of person who looks before he leaps.

2. Friendliness

The distance between the top of the eye to the eyebrow compared to the height of the eye indicates a person’s friendliness levels. Individuals with brows that are positioned lower require less personal space in comparison to those with brows that are set higher.

Felix’s eyebrows are higher set, which indicates that he might need to set aside time to himself to recharge.

3. Tolerance

Stevens suggests that individuals with a wider distance between their eyes tend to be more accepting of mistakes than those with eyes that are closer together.

Since Felix has closer-set eyes, this could suggest that he is someone who has learned to be more tolerant of errors over time.

4. Sense of Humor

People with longer philtrum are more likely to be humorous, while people with shorter philtrums are serious by nature.

Felix’s philtrum is shorter, but that doesn’t mean he’s all business all the time. It could mean that he’s someone who has a good sense of when to play and when to get to work.

5. Generosity

People with full upper lips are, according to Stevens, more generous with their words and actions than people with thinner upper lips. If you have a thinner upper lip, you might be a quiet and concise person.

Felix’s full lips are a tell-tale sign of his generous heart and kind personality.

6. Worldview

According to Stevens, “decisive” and “action-driven” people have thinner eyelid folds or no eyelid folds at all, like Felix. People with thicker eyelid folds are “analytical” by nature.

7. Magnetism

The darker the eyes, the more magnetic the personality. People with “deeper-coloured eyes” like Felix are often charismatic and have high levels of personal magnetism.

Source: Business Insider

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