10 Times Stray Kids’ Felix Looked Unreal

His visuals are so perfect that he seems digitally created.

Netizens often remark that Stray Kids member Felix doesn’t look human, and is almost robot-like in his perfection. While it is clear from his bright, fun-loving personality that he most definitely is not computer-generated, here are some examples that suggest otherwise.

1. He looks like a digital illustration.

2. He can pull off flaming, red hair.

3. He can pull off blue hair, too.

4. He can even pull off silver eyelashes.

5. His movements are fluid and graceful.

6. No comment is really needed here.

7. Take a moment to appreciate his jawline.

8. His cheekbones can’t be ignored, either.

9. He doesn’t need exaggerated makeup to make a visual impact.

10. Felix deserves a crown for making the world a more beautiful place.

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