7 Of Stray Kids I.N’s Best “Maknae On Top” Moments

“He has grown a lot, I rеmember the Busan boy in school gym shorts.”

On January 16, Stray Kids‘s I.N surprised STAY with a music video for “Maknae on Top”, featuring Bang Chan and Changbin. Maknae of course means the youngest member of a group, and his lyrics talk about being the youngest but still being the best. I.N and Bang Chan composed the song, and the lyrics were written by all three of them.

I.N wrote in the YouTube description a message to fans and other maknaes.

I listened to Chan making this track and decided to work with him. Changbin wrote the lyrics late, so the song came out late, but… I think I made a good song! I wanted to show you various sides of me, so please enjoy it! I will continue to sing more songs for you! Lastly, I hope all the maknaes listening will hang in there. Thank you!


Here are his best moments to celebrate this confident anthem.

1. Recreating this iconic scene

| Stray Kids/YouTube

The boys are back protecting the egg for a short while, and I.N is certainly excited about it.

2. I.N’s childhood photos

| Stray Kids/YouTube

I.N is very well known for having adorably goofy childhood photos. This quick collage of old photos was definitely a treat.

3. Han mixtape?

| Stray Kids/YouTube
| Stray Kids/YouTube

When STAY saw the words “Han Song” and “TBA” (usually To Be Announced) in the background, it was hard not to be excited about a possible Han mixtape/song.

4. Baby Bread

| Stray Kids/YouTube

While it’s pretty difficult to see what exactly it is, fans have stated that this is a baby photocard stuck inside some bread, thus creating his nickname “Baby Bread”.

5. Bang Chan and Changbin holding I.N photocards

| Stray Kids/YouTube
| Stray Kids/YouTube

This one isn’t really an Easter egg, but it is adorable!

6. Protect the eggs!

| Mnet
| Stray Kids/YouTube

Yet another reference to eggs, I.N protects his while he takes a nap.

7. Binary?

| Stray Kids/YouTube

While STAY is still unsure if this means anything, oftentimes, when computer code is used in K-Pop music videos, it is known to reveal certain things like a comeback date, their debut date, or a secret encrypted message.

See all of the references below!

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