4 Times Stylists Put ITZY’s Safety At Risk With Oversized Shoes

The members could’ve easily been hurt.

On multiple occasions, ITZY‘s stylists have come under fire for choices regarding the group’s fashion. Of those moments, the reoccurring problem of putting the girls in the wrong size shoes continues to put the group’s safety at risk. Here are four times they handled it like professionals but shouldn’t have been forced to.

Lia and Ryujin. | @ITZYofficial/Twitter


The first incident that caused worry for fans was during their promotions for “WANNABE”. Not only did Ryujin dance the choreography in heels but wore a pair that was far bigger than her size.

Fans immediately voiced their concerns on how dangerous it was. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the last time the problem occurred.

2. “Not Shy”

When the group came back with their track “Not Shy”, Ryujin was spotted in another pair of heels that were the wrong size. Instead of fully focusing on Ryujin’s powerful dancing, fans noticed her losing her balance just a bit.

The heels were so big that Ryujin caught herself from tripping in one moment and from falling over in another.

She wasn’t the only member who became a victim of their stylists’ poor choices.

3. “In the morning” Pt. 1

During a performance for their latest title track “In the morning”, or “Mafia In the morning”, Lia was spotted losing her balance as well from boots that were once again too big.

When the group sat down for an interview, Lia pointed out that the shoes had been a size bigger than they were supposed to be and how much she struggled because of them. She said, “I really tried hard to stay balanced on my feet.

There was another member who struggled with oversized shoes for their comeback.

4. “In the morning” Pt. 2

For a different performance of “In the morning”, Ryujin appeared to lose her balance for a moment during Chaeryeong‘s part before immediately regaining it back and continuing on. Sadly, the performance soon became much more dangerous because of the oversized heels.

During Lia’s part where Ryujin dances around her, fans noticed how unbalanced Ryujin was in the heels as they turned in ways they shouldn’t have from being loose. MIDZYs were even more concerned when Ryujin tripped.

Since Ryujin is often the member given oversized shoes, fans once again voiced their concern for her safety, using a closer clip of the moment to show how unsafe it was.

Although the girls have handled all the situations like professionals, their struggles show that the large shoes could lead to serious injuries like sprained ankles or nasty falls if their stylists don’t give them the proper sizes.