Sunmi Looks Breathtaking In Beautiful Photos Her Brother Takes Of Her

Sunmi looks like a goddess in these photos!

Sunmi‘s younger brother show that he has photography skills in these gorgeous pictures he took of his sister! Sunmi’s younger brother went with her on her world tour and shared some photos he took of his sister.

The photos were captured so well. that fans even thought that an official photographer took them for her! These photos show that talent runs in the family!

The photos are a mix of Sunmi performing on stage, and showing glimpses of her life while on tour and as well as some backstage and behind the scenes shots!

Here are 10 times Sunmi looked gorgeous in the photos her brother took of her!

1. On the stage

Sunmi looks passionate in this photo of her performing on stage!

2. Getting ready for the stage

Her brother shows what goes on when Sunmi is getting ready to go on stage.

3. Performing on stage

Sunmi looks emotional in this photo of her on stage.

4. With glasses on

Sunmi shows that she can rock glasses in this artistic shot!

5. In the hotel

Sunmi looks like a girl from a 90’s film in her plaid top and white high boots.

6. Behind the scenes

Sunmi haves fun as she poses for her brother backstage in her stage outfit!

7. Showing off her make-up

Sunmi’s make-up looks beautiful and she makes sure to document it and show it to everyone!

8. More photos in the hotel

Sunmi looks like she’s in a magazine shoot when posing in this photo!

9. Backstage

Sunmi gives her fans a glimpse of what’s it like in the backstage!

10. In her stage outfit

She has a little pictorial in her gorgeous red stage outfit!

Source: Nate Pann