Reminiscing On Bae Suzy’s Time As A Former Girl Group Member

The original Bae.

Everyone knows Bae Suzy to be one of the top actresses of South Korea. However, she once was a member of girl group Miss A and whenever she stood on stage, she always captivated all the viewers. So here are 5 gifs just to remind you of how amazing she was on stage!

1. Bad Girl Good Girl

Miss A’s debut single was a massive hit with netizens all around! Suzy surprised everyone by killing the intense choreography with her cute and youthful face. She made a huge impression in the K-Pop world with her visuals and moves.

2. Hush

Hush was a hit with fans and non-fans alike with the funky choreography and moody melody. The best part about the entire song was the constant hair whipping! The girls of Miss A knew how to rock it. Suzy looked drop dead gorgeous during this era and she killed it on the stage.

3. Park Jin Young’s Party People

Suzy nailed this jaw dropping performance! She performed a sexy dance number on Park Jin Young‘s Party People and blew the audience away. Although she performed on her own without her former girl group members, she really proved herself as a dancer during this performance.

4. Love Song

This might be one of the most legendary fancams of Suzy out there. For Miss A’s performance of “Love Song”, Suzy took everyone’s breath away with her crazy visuals. Netizens would not stop talking about this fancam for days! Not only that but it was through this song that she really proved herself as a vocalist.

5. Sober

One of the songs off of her solo EP was a song “Sober”. This song impressed fans not only because of the light tempo and flirty choreography but also because Suzy wrote the lyrics herself. Suzy really showcased her full artist ability through this song. On stage, she had all eyes on her as she made the stage her own playground.


Source: Suzy Featured Image 1 and Suzy Featured Image 2