Here Are 12 Simple Tips To Dress Like Airport Fashion Queen Taeyeon

When in doubt, follow tip #6 for the perfect fit.

Taeyeon‘s style varies from girly to casual and everything in between. Regardless of what she wears, she always looks put together. To emulate her easy-breezy looks, here are 12 essential fashion tips that will elevate your future OOTDs.

1. Don’t be afraid of layering.

Taeyeon creates interesting outfits by adding cardigans, coats, and purses with different textures.

2. Emphasize your best feature.

She shows off her pretty legs by making them the focal point of this all-black look and even adds some tall heels to make them look longer.

3. When in doubt, add pastels.

Taeyeon can easily be spotted in soft colors like cream, baby pink, and light denim.

4. Try a one-color look.

Head-to-toe black, white, or gray are easy starting points.

5. Add preppy and girly details wherever you can.

This outfit becomes “Taeyeon-ified” with some sneaker wedges, a preppy collar, and a cozy cardigan.

6. Flowy blouse, tall heels, and dainty purse? Check.

These three feminine details can elevate any ordinary outfit from basic beauty to girlish heaven.

7. Throw a jacket on your shoulders for added class.

Leather jackets, blazers, denim — anything!

8. Thigh-high boots and mini skirts are the perfect combo.

Sometimes all you need to do to feel like a Goddess is show a sexy sliver of thigh.

9. Add your own customized spin on your clothes.

Taeyeon ties her shirt in a knot and drapes her sweater over one shoulder…because she can.

10. Another go-to combo of hers is denim and lace.

Talk about the easiest outfit ever!

11. Skirts, skirts, and more skirts.

Taeyeon loves mini-skirts, but midi-skirts and maxi-skirts are just as cute.

12. Keep it natural.

She matches the mood of her casual outfits with some simple makeup.

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