Take Your Pick: Which Is Your Favorite Type of “Ending Fairy” From K-Pop?

We’re going to go with the bonus option.

If you’ve been keeping up with K-Pop vocabulary, then you know what an “Ending Fairy” is — and how important they are to a fully-aesthetic and wholesomely-satisfying performance. And in the fantastic world of idols, there are different types of such ending fairies. Here are five most common types — that not only end the stages, but also end us. Which is your favorite?

1. The Aegyo-licious

These aegyo-filled ending fairies know how to take full advantage of the spotlight. Every time they take over the screen, we go spilling all our UWUs.

2. The Sexy Gazers

The sexy gazers see straight through the camera and into our souls. Can we escape their enchanting stare? No. Never. We don’t even really want to.

3. The Sweetest Smilers

These smiley faces are the sweetest we’ve ever seen. And we are forever blessed by how happy they look! That is, after all, what we want for them. Right?

4. The Charming Winkers

The charming winkers can steal our hearts in that split second. These winks tend to stop time and space — so we must remember to breathe!

5. The Dramatics

The dramatics are, as the name suggests, dramatic AF. These theatric geniuses know how to play with our hearts and we hopelessly fall in love again and again.

Bonus. The Confetti Eaters

Sometimes, the confetti party plays a quirky trick and turn some idols into this bonus type of “confetti eaters”. And because of the most adorable reactions that follow, this tends to be a wildly popular type too!

Source: THEQOO