11 Times BTS Were As Cute As Buttons In Matching Outfits

If these don’t make you go “Aww” then you must be heartless.

Nothing is cuter than when people are wearing matching outfits. BTS often expresses their inner child and wears matching outfits much to the delight of ARMY who will surely go “Awww” after seeing these pictures.

1. Jimin and RM in matching sweaters

2. Jimin and Jin looking very teal

3. Suga and J-Hope in orange tracksuits

4. Jimin and J-Hope in matching hoodies

5. RM and Jin in almost-matching flannel (and Suga)

6. All of BTS in ‘Most Beautiful Moment in Life’ shirts

7. RM, Jimin and J-Hope with swapped palettes

8. Jimin and Jin are back in blue

9. Jungkook and Suga are like strawberry and vanilla ice cream

10. Pink Panther BTS

11. Pyjama Party


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