5 Times BTS’s Jimin Proved That He Always Keeps His Promises

He’s a man of his word!

BTS‘s Jimin time and time again proves himself to be a gentleman. Perhaps, “gentleman” is an understatement to how considerate and thoughtful he is…

BTS’s Jimin

For one thing, he always does all he can to the best of his abilities to make ARMY feel loved and understood. He never wants them to feel alone.

“Class of 2020” | YouTube

He’s also incredibly trustworthy and honest. While many people make empty promises, Jimin means it when he says, “I promise…” He continually proves himself to be a man of his word. So, here are 5 times Jimin proved that he always keeps his promises…

1. When he listened to his fans’ song

During BTS’s recent fanmeeting, he was asked if he had listened to fan-composed “Sarang,” a song from Jimin’s Vietnamese fanbase LIVE FOR JIMIN’S VOCAL. They created and gifted it to him for his birthday last year. He said that he hadn’t, but he would look it up.

Shortly after, he posted a screenshot to Weverse, revealing that he had seen the video! If that wasn’t enough to make you emotional, he also apologized for seeing it “late,” but he also sincerely thanked his fans!

| Weverse via @candiejoons/Twitter

2. When he visited kids in Jjomul Orphanage again

BTS had previously visited Yongdeungpo Jjomool Children’s Kingdom, a children’s orphanage, in 2014. During his time there, Jimin promised to return to see them again.

In 2016, Jimin returned with RM, making more memories with the kids. He even held an impromptu performance for them! No matter how famous BTS gets, they remain as humble as they have been since day 1!

| @JiminGlobal/Twitter via @candiejoons/Twitter

3. When Jimin sent a little girl BT21 merch

Jimin promised to send BT21 merchandise to child actress Koo Sarang whom he met during 2019 SBS Gayo Daejun for their Christmas medley performance. Sarang later posted a photo of herself with BT21 merch, saying, “Oppa, thank you.”

4. When he went back to write V’s name at M Countdown

In 2018, Jimin wrote a celebratory message on the wall at M Countdown. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough time and accidentally left out V’s name.

“Last broadcast on M Countdown!

Thank you for gifting us with huge presents until the very end.

Look forward to the rest of our promotions.

I went to visit Tan and he kept chewing on my straw.. #JIMIN #OurARMYWonAnAward”

— Jimin

I couldn’t write Taehyung’s name… ㅜㅜㅜ

— Jimin

Jimin felt so guilty about leaving V’s name out, he wrote consecutive tweets, expressing his love for him. He also promised that the next time he went, he would write his name!

I love you❤❤Taehyung

— Jimin

hehehehe I’ll write your name this big next time ❤❤❤☺😍#JIMIN

— Jimin

Three months later, BTS performed (and won) again on M Countdown with “IDOL.” Jimin updated fans with some selfies from the day along with a new photo of the wall, showing that he had kept his word. He wrote “V” not once but twice to make up for last time too!

5. When he went live the day after BTS’s fan meeting

During BTS’s recent fanmeeting held through Zoom, Jimin promised that he would do a live broadcast soon. The day after, he did exactly that! He ended up speaking to ARMY for over half an hour!

| @choi_bts2/Twitter via @candiejoons/Twitter

It’s clear that Jimin didn’t write “PROMISE” for no reason! He is certainly a man of his word and a light in our lives.

Check out “PROMISE” below…

Source: @JiminGlobal and @candiejoons