Facts Only: 10+ New Things We Learned About BTS From Their Zoom Fanmeeting

They revealed some TMI!

BTS held their first fanmeeting of the year through Zoom with 200 lucky ARMYs in attendance. Some of those ARMYs shared things the members revealed during their fanmeeting, including TMI and more!

So, here are 10+ new facts we learned about BTS from their Zoom fanmeeting…

1. What is J-Hope’s latest hobby?

J-Hope’s latest hobby is skincare for… his feet. He removes the flaky, dry parts from his feet. He has probably used Korean feet masks that help to remove the dead skin from your feet by using a chemical exfoliant.

He’s given himself a new nickname too…

2. What is Jungkook’s shower routine?

It is low-key mathematical. He described it as splitting his body into two halves, washing the right first half then the left half.

3. What kind of food does BTS enjoy right now?

J-Hope enjoys fusion food, such as pasta made with Korean ingredients like soybean paste.

Meanwhile, Jin prefers crab, and Jungkook likes grilled pork belly.

4. Does Jungkook have any more nicknames other than “Golden Maknae, “JK,” and “Kookie?”

Suga‘s dad gave Jungkook a nickname! He calls him “Soondoongie,” a word used to describe a pure and gentle person.

5. Is V still planning to release his mixtape?

V is working hard on his mixtape KTH1! He revealed that he had prepared 15 songs for his mixtape but already removed 12 of them.

6. Has the “God of Destruction” broken his bicycle before?

RM has said that he prefers to ride a bike rather than drive due to his “God of Destruction” tendencies. He revealed during the fanmeeting that he has yet to damage his bicycle!

7. Has J-Hope bought anything recently?

J-Hope’s most recent purchase was a new set of pajamas. We know he loves shopping, so he used the pajama party fanmeeting as a reason to buy some new pajamas!

8. Is Jungkook going to continue growing his hair?

Jungkook does want to grow out his hair. He said he wants it as long as his waist so he can do commercials for hair products!

9. What are the members planning for RM’s birthday?

Jin revealed what he is planning to buy RM for his birthday… It’s a new bicycle!

10. Why does Jungkook smell the members’ hair?

Jungkook finally revealed why he always smells the members’ hair. He simply said, “It’s addicting!” 

11. Can we look forward to some live broadcasts soon?

BTS said they might not be able to do many live broadcasts these days because they have a lot of schedules.

However, Jin just did one right after their fanmeetings ended, and Jimin has promised to do one tomorrow!

12. What do BTS plan to eat with their Spotify plaque?

Jin already has planned what he wants to eat when they receive their Spotify 1 Billion Streams plaque. He wants kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew)!

13. Is there a distinction between what they wear at home and when sleeping?

While the members were dressed in full pajama sets for the event, it turns out the members don’t wear quite as much when they really go to bed! Many prefer to skip clothes altogether and just wear underwear.

[We interrupt this article to bring you a quick reminder from V.]


14. When will Suga and Jimin release the second part to “Tony Montana?”

We still don’t know, actually… Jimin said he is just waiting for Suga to call!

15. When will Jungkook officially release “Decalcomania?”

A couple of years ago on his birthday, Jungkook released a demo of his song “Decalcomania,” which he composed with RM. While ARMYs had hoped for an official release of the song, he revealed he was not satisfied with the song, so he has deleted the file, unfortunately. However, he said that it remains in his head.

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