BTS’s Jungkook Clowns Fans About His Shower Routine…Because They Asked For It

BTS’s Zoom call took a hilarious turn.

BTS and ARMY love to clown each other, and today’s Zoom party was no exception!

V wearing a clown wig. | Run BTS!/V LIVE  

Today, 200 lucky ARMYs joined BTS for four Zoom sessions (50 fans per call). During this exclusive pajama party, the members answered fans’ questions and shared fun facts about themselves. What kind of facts, you ask? Oh you know, the usual. Nicknames, mixtape updates, and…shower habits?


Well, you know what they say; “play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” or in this case, ask ridiculous questions, get ridiculous answers! Jungkook jokingly told fans that he splits his body into two halves and washes the left half first, starting from the left side of his head. Then, he starts on the right!


Naturally, fans loved his reply!

Jokes aside, this wouldn’t be the strangest way to get clean. At 2021 FESTA, Jin told his members that he had tried doing a handstand in the shower!

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