8 Times Jimin Snitched On His BTS Members And Spilled The Tea

He’s a true Slytherin at heart, and these moments prove it.

BTS can always count on Jimin…to expose them! From lies to cheating, this loveable snitch is always on duty. Here are just 8 of the many times he spilled the tea!

1. When he tipped off the staff about V’s “win”

claimed that he won the grand prize in the “Map of the Song: 7” game, Galaxy earbuds…

…but Jimin knew this was BS.

Thanks to Jimin, V got caught!

2.  That time he wouldn’t let Jin slack at the gym

Jin was not pleased about this. Clearly.

3. When he didn’t let V get away with cheating

When Jimin caught looking up the recipe on his phone, he snitched faster than you can say “Friends”.

Plot twist: Jimin was cheating too! (Nearly everyone was.)

4. That time he ratted out Suga for not obeying MC Jin

Jin wanted all the members to shout on Run BTS!, but Suga more or less muttered instead. Jimin quickly calling him out about it!

5. When he foiled Jin’s plot to hide V’s bag in Bon Voyage 1

He would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for that meddlesome Mochi!

6. When he told everyone the real reason why Jin doesn’t get enough sleep

7. This legendary moment

8. When he revealed the secret about RM’s computer usage, way back in their rookie days