BTS’s Jimin Switched On Snitch Mode When He Caught V In A Lie

He wasn’t about to let V get away with it.

Real talk. If you’re going to fib, don’t do it in front of Jimin. A “Lie” is only allowed when he’s singing about it!

On June 10, BTS dropped a video that nobody saw coming: “Map of the Song: 7“. In this chaotic karaoke video, the members split into units (including SOPE and Team Jin Hit) to sing for prizes. The grand prize was this pair of custom Galaxy earbuds.

Maknae liners Jimin, V, and Jungkook teamed up to sing-shout “Winter Bear”, “UGH”, and “Outro: EGO”. Spoiler alert: they nailed it and won three chances to draw prizes.

Jungkook drew a photocard, Jimin drew a Bluetooth mic, and V drew…the grand prize?

V’s acting skills might have fooled the staff, but they didn’t fool Jimin. These BFFs can see straight through each other’s BS!

Once Jimin knew V was fibbing, he tipped off the staff by mouthing the truth.

Uh oh. Busted!

Ironically, V really did end up winning the earbuds, but since he doesn’t use earphones much, he gave them to J-Hope. For V, the thrill of the win was more important than the prize!

V wasn’t the only member who tried to cheat the system. Find out what these masterminds were plotting.

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