BTS’s Suga And J-Hope Proved That SOPE Is Destined To Be (Again)

This friendship is written…in the cards?

BTS‘s Suga and J-Hope aren’t friends by chance. “SOPE” is fated to be together, and they have the receipts to prove it!

On June 10, BTS dropped “Map of the Song: 7“, a new karaoke video for FESTA 2020. For this chaotic challenge, the members split into units and sang for prizes that included custom Galaxy earbuds, rookie era merch, and more.

Naturally, SOPE didn’t miss this chance to shout-sing together (feat. backup dancer Jimin and Director Jin.)

After wrecking their throats to “Friends” and “The Truth Untold”, this rap duo left the booth to claim their prizes: randomly drawn photo cards from past BTS eras.

“Is it our destiny?” Suga wondered when he drew a J-Hope photo card.

Answer: absolutely! A second later, J-Hope ended up picking a Suga photo card. What are the odds?

This isn’t the first time SOPE’s destiny has been written in the cards. Suga has more than one J-Hope photo card, but the real question is…

…which one is in his wallet now?

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