BTS’s Jin Is Breaking All The Rules Again With His Partner In Crime, RM

These two were out to steal prizes and break rules in “Map of the Song: 7”.

The rules apply to everyone. Everyone, except Jin.

Whether it’s cutting his own hair or choosing his own outfits, Jin has a reputation for doing his own thing with or without the staff’s approval.

Now, he’s at it again in BTS‘s “Map of the Song: 7“, a new karaoke video for FESTA 2020. For this challenge, the members split into units to sing for prizes that included custom Galaxy earbuds, rookie era merch, and more.

Jin was paired with vocalist extraordinaire, RM, who screeched his way through “Euphoria”, “Outro: EGO”, and “Seesaw”. (It was truly a thing of beauty.)

Together, they racked up a high enough score to win three chances to draw prizes from the “lucky draw board”. That’s when the trouble started.

Team Jin Hit decided that three chances weren’t enough, so they tried to keep going until they won the prizes they wanted.

When the staff intervened, Jin attempted to steal the whole lucky draw board!

Jin wasn’t the only one who was up to no good. RM tried to use his hyung privilege to swap prizes with Jimin, but Jimin wasn’t having it. “Mine!” he shouted from the karaoke booth.

Trading, huh? That sounds like a good plan…according to Jin, not the staff.

For most of the video, Jin and RM were partners in crime but in the end, it was every man for himself. Here’s Jin and Jungkook fighting over a prize that belongs to RM!

Watch the video here: