10+ Times BTS’s Suga Said, “Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls” 

He brings this meme to life in BTS’s photos.

“Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls.” Even if you haven’t seen the 1997 film Titanic, you’re probably familiar with this quote, thanks to memes like this:

Like the kitty pictured above, Titanic‘s Rose DeWitt sprawls out on a sofa for artist Jack Dawson to sketch. Suga has a habit of lying down front and center in many of BTS‘s photos, and fans can’t resist comparing his pose to Rose’s. Check out these receipts!

1. “I want you to draw me holding a GRAMMY…”

2. “…Only a GRAMMY.”

3. 2 Cool 2 Stand since 2013

4. Blood, Sweat & Swag dance practice

5. Boy With Luv For Lounging dance practice

6. “Danger” dance practice

To quote Suga’s “I will sue you” fangirl: “Min Yoongi, you dangerous man! You dangerous man who makes me have such a hard time!” 

7. Sprawl Day dance practice

8. “DNA” (Do Not Ask to stand up) dance practice

9. These legs were made for lazying

10. Forget your French girls, Jack. This is what true art looks like.

11. Seriously, GTFO Rose. Jack’s new muses are here!

12. Although no artist can truly do Suga’s beauty justice…

13. …they’re more than welcome to try…

14. …or just stare until their eyes hurt.

15. It’s a win either way!