6 Times BTS’s V Ignored His Members Just Because He Can

He pretended they were invisible, but he loves them. Really.

BTS‘s V loves his members, but he also loves to tease them. Here are 6 times he playfully ignored his members by pretending they didn’t exist.

1. That time he ignored RM’s handshake but gave Jin his full attention

While singing “Spring Day”, RM reached out to V when V sang the line, “you’re my best friend.” 

V didn’t shake RM’s hand, but he gave Jin all the love in the world!

2. When he wanted nothing to do with Jimin’s aegyo

Jimin did some over the top aegyo (cuteness) to get V’s attention, but V was way more interested in his phone.

So, what did Jimin do? He came at V with a slipper!

3. When this cake was the most important person in the room

BTS was having an animated conversation with Mnet‘s mascot, MPD, but V was way more interested in dessert.

4. When he rejected the hearts in Jimin’s eyes

Jimin’s loving gaze would have made ARMY melt, but not V. He totally rejected Jimin’s “heart” by ignoring it. (Don’t feel too bad for Jimin though. There have been plenty of times when he has ignored V too!)

5. When he had absolutely no love for his leader

It’s unclear if V refused to make a heart with RM or if he just didn’t notice it. Either way, the end result is hilarious!

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6. When he just kept dancing

Poor Jimin. He wanted V to acknowledge his finger heart! When V refused, Jimin’s reaction was priceless.

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