4 Times EXO’s Kai Was Embarrassed And It Was Too Cute For Words

These moments are sure to make you UWU.

EXO is a group who has no problem being authentically themselves, at any cost. Kai, in particular, is known for his cool and irresistible charms that make even other celebrities fangirl over him. Despite his cool exterior, Kai is actually a huge softie, which makes him extra easy to love!

Because of Kai’s chic exterior and soft personality, his shy, embarrassing moments are pure soft hours that would melt even the coldest heart. Below are 4 times Kai was simply too cute for words.

1. That Time He “Teleported”

Source: YouTube
Source: YouTube

2. “Noona, buy me that chicken.”

Source: YouTube

3. This Appearance On Knowing Bros

Source: YouTube

4. Realizing His Zipper Was Down And Being Smooth AF Fixing It

Was your favorite cutie cinnamon roll Kai moment included here? If not, which one would you have included?