5 Times EXO Couldn’t Stop Themselves From Sharing A Little TOO Much Information

We don’t think they know the meaning of “TMI”.

EXO is without a doubt one of the most iconic groups to debut in K-Pop in the last decade. An award-winning group, they’re so close to each other that they’re sometimes mistaken for being gay. Despite their cool image, they have no chill when it comes to sharing things about themselves, making sure there are no boundaries between them and their fans.

Below is a list of 5 times EXO shared just a little too much information. The list is compiled in random order, not in order of rank or date of occurrence.

1. That time Baekhyun revealed which member had the biggest p*nis

Baekhyun really has no chill and had no problem revealing which member of EXO had the biggest p*nis during an appearance on Knowing Bros.

Source: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

2.  That time they revealed D.O.’s savageness on national TV

D.O. has a sweet face and looks like a gentle boy, but EXO revealed that of all the members, he’s the most savage, and is able to turn any item that’s near him into a weapon!

Source: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

3. That time Baekhyun shared they bite each other’s butts in the shower

Just as he revealed which member has the biggest p*nis, Baekhyun couldn’t hold back from sharing the fact that not only do the members shower together, but sometimes they even bite each other’s butts!

Source: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

4. That time they spilled the tea which member has the least honor

Although every member of EXO is honorable, they picked Chen as the least honorable and it’s solely because he likes being alone. They revealed there have been times that he wasn’t available to hang out because of his introvert-nature, and that’s why they chose him as the least honorable.

5. When they outed D.O. for having a “weird” pet-peeve

They called D.O. out for not liking the sound of people eating, which led to one of the show’s hosts, Heechul, wondering exactly how D.O. manages to eat.

Source: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube



While this isn’t from a time that EXO overshared, it is certainly a memorable moment. Once, during a concert, D.O. went a little ham playing with a squishy toy and accidentally turned it into a p*nis!

Can you remember a time when EXO shared just a little too much? If yes, what did they say?