EXO Revealed D.O. Would Definitely Win In A Fight Because He’s Savage AF

He’s a quick thinker.

EXO‘s D.O. is arguably one of the celebrities with the best personalities, super handsome, and relatable AF.

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However, during an appearance on a previous episode of Knowing Bros, D.O. was revealed to be an adaptable, quick-thinking, savage AF fighter! Not because he goes all out with his blows, but because he knows how to improvise.

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It all started when comedian Kang Ho Dong expressed his thought that D.O. was actually the scariest member of EXO because he has no idea what he’s actually thinking.

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While other members of EXO will come straight at you with their fists during a fight, D.O. seemed (to Kang Ho Dong) the most likely to do something unexpected.

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After Kang Ho Dong shared his thought, the members of EXO were quick to agree with him, saying that he was exactly right!

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They explained if you upset D.O. and he happened to be holding something, whatever it was automatically became a weapon.

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Even something as innocuous as a sock became a deadly weapon in D.O.’s hands!

Source: JTBC Entertainment/YouTube

The moral of the story? As sweet and kind as D.O. is, you don’t want to mess with him!