9 Times Fansites Got So Distracted By Another Idol They Almost Missed Their Own Bias

That awkward moment when another idol steals all your focus:

Normally fansites capture photos and videos fo their bias, but sometimes that doesn’t always happen. On occasion, another idol will swoop in and completely distract someone else’s fansite! Whether they were distracted by another idol’s heart-fluttering visuals or heart-stopping charms, here are just a few examples of fansites getting so distracted by another idol that they almost missed capturing clips of their own bias!

1. When EXO Chanyeol’s flawless visuals caused one gugudan fansite manager to completely miss their bias

Although kxx_soo210 may have gone to Music Bank back in 2018 to snag some pictures of gugudan, but EXO‘s Chanyeol thoroughly mesmerized this fansite manager!

In fact, he distracted them so much that they even missed their opportunity to snap pictures of their bias!

2. The time a MONSTA X fansite fell for MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul…hard!

Ch126_IM is a fansite that focuses on MONSTA X‘s I.M. Or at least, that’s who they normally focus on! One time, however, MAMAMOO Moonbyul‘s charms completely stole the manager’s heart and they just couldn’t resist focusing in on her!

3. And the time the same MONSTA X fansite was swept away by MAMAMOO’s Solar too!

MAMAMOO struck once again! The same fansite manager that Moonbyul had completely mesmerized also got a double-helping of MAMAMOO’s awesome when Solar swooped in and distracted the admin too!

4. That one time wet RM was just waaaaaay to hot for a Jimin fansite manager not to take notice

At first, one fansite was able to keep their focus solely on their BTS bias, Jimin. That was until RM decided to suddenly make an appearance and bias wreck us all!

5. When the fansite of KNK’s Inseong simply couldn’t help filming Heejun instead

The fansite admin might have been ready to capture all of KNK Inseong‘s flawless moves and more they weren’t prepared for Heejun to capture their attention and their heart!

6. When MAMAMOO’s Wheein simply too cute for Hwasa’s fansite!

When MAMAMOO‘s Wheein busted out all her aegyo, well, Hwasa‘s Mintbox fansite just didn’t stand a chance and absolutely had to capture all that cute!

7. That time GFRIEND Eunha’s fansite got caught red-handed filming Yuju

The fansite may have been there to capture GFRIEND‘s Eunha but got more than a little distracted by Yuju‘s adorable self! When they brought their focus back on Eunha, well, it was pretty obvious they had been caught filming Yuju red-handed!

8. And when Oh My Girl’s Seunghee discovered her fansite was focused on Arin!

Just like GFRIEND’s Eunha, Oh My Girl‘s Seunghee caught one of her fansites filming another one of her members! Just look at that adorable pout when the admin switched their focus back to Seunghee!

9. That time Park Woojin’s fancam almost became Park Jihoon’s all because of his deadly dance moves

During one Wanna One concert, a fansite of Park Woojin almost forgot to record their bias thanks to the very sexy moves from Park Jihoon!

Bonus: When CL’s fansite suddenly found themselves being swept away by one of her dancers

That zoom in says it all…