15 Times Idols Thought They’d Have Fun With Bubbles But Definitely Did Not

The bubbles ruined all their fun:

Give an idol a bubble-maker and nine times out of ten, they’ll have an absolute blast. Maybe something a little like this:

That other 10% of the time, well…

While these idols thought they’d have some serious fun with bubbles, let’s just say things definitely did not go according to plan:

1. When GOT7 BamBam’s bubbles got a little too close for comfort

2. That time SEVENTEEN’s Joshua was attacked by a bubble

3. And that time BLACKPINK’s Jisoo got a big surprise

4. These moments when MONSTA X’s Shownu was just so done with them

5. And when BTS’s Jin just wasn’t expecting it

6. That time GFRIEND’s Sowon was having a blast… or maybe not so much

7. When MAMAMOO’s Solar decided to show those bubbles who’s boss

8. When Golden Child’s Joochan faced a bubble attack on multiple sides

9. And SF9’s Hwiyoung was ready to nope himself out of the whole bubbly situation

10. Every time TWICE’s Nayeon came face to face with those sneaky floaties

11. That time ATEEZ’s Seonghwa got a face full of bubbles

12. Or when SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan was not a fan of a Carat’s bubble-maker

13. When TXT’s Soobin thought he was going to take a selfie and then this happened…

14. When MONSTA X’s I.M just had waaaaaaay too many bubbles to deal with

15. And the time PENTAGON’s Jinho simply didn’t want them around