5 Times MAMAMOO Tested Solar’s Patience, Only To Reveal She’s An Absolute Saint

They’re like a pack of wild children.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar is arguably the best. She’s fun, funny, and relatable AF. Even though she and her members don’t always get along, and sometimes it feels like she is more like their mother than their friend and group leader, she also undeniably an incredible role-model with the patience of a saint.

A loyal Moomoo (seriously, that’s their channel name—Loyal moomoo) put together an almost 6-minute compilation video of times MAMAMOO members tested Solar’s patience, and we loved it so much we listed out 5 moments for you all to enjoy!

1. When They Interrupted Her Interview

Source: Loyal moomoo/YouTube

2. When Moonbyul Insulted Her Fashion

Source: Loyal moomoo/YouTube

3. When Moonbyul Blew Bubbles Right In Her Face

Source: Loyal moomoo/YouTube

4. When Moonbyul Kept Tickling Her With Her Own Hair


Source: Loyal moomoo/YouTube

5. When They Admitted That Pestering Solar Brings Them Closer Together

Source: Loyal moomoo/YouTube

Oof. Solar really does deal with a lot as the leader and mother figure of MAMAMOO, however, it’s pretty apparent that her groupmates adore her and value her as a person and friend!

Be sure to check out their whole video to truly enjoy MAMAMOO doing what they do second best… annoying Solar! 😂