8 Reasons MAMAMOO’s Solar Is The Best Role Model

We can all look to Solar as a guiding light to do what’s right.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar is a multi-talented individual. From her visuals to her voice to her incredible dance skills, Relatable AF, Solar seems like the all-around perfect person. This belief further rings true when you look deeper into her actions that reflect clearly upon her character.

This is a list of 8 times Solar has shown herself to be the absolute best role model around—and we love her for it!

1. Promoting Gender Equality

Last April, Solar was filmed ripping her shirt off after a performance. She explained, “Afer seeing many male idols ripping their shirts on stage, I wondered, ‘Why can’t girls do that too?‘”

Source: 마베 MABE/YouTube

2. Honoring Mothers

In honor of “Expectant Mother’s Day”, Solar volunteered to help watch her friend Eun Song’s newborn baby. While she did struggle a bit, her sharing the experience was illuminating about what mothers go through on a daily basis!

Source: Solarsido/YouTube

3. Helping Dreams Come True

Solar went on a date with a foreign fan, but it wasn’t what you expected! She actually went out with him to help him make his dream come true—meeting her friend a group mate, Moonbyul!

Source: Solarsido/YouTube

4. Philanthropy

Solar joined forces with Dongdaemun Senior Welfare Center and social worker Jung Soo Bin to donate roughly 2,200 lbs of kimchi to underprivileged elderly. She even delivered some of the boxes in person, making the gesture even more meaningful!

Source: Solarsido/YouTube

5. Raises Awareness For Social Causes

On the “International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation”, Solar used her large platform to raise awareness of the violence women around the world experience as victims of FGM.

Source: Solarsido/YouTube

6. She Openly Shows She Cares About Others

Although Solar was also hurt while attending the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejun, she expressed her concern and sent her well wishes to Red Velvet‘s Wendy, who experienced very serious injuries after falling off the stage.

Source: Shwan Sarwan/YouTube

7. Showing Love To Her Parents

Solar obviously loves her parents, and while she’s sure to show them she loves them in other ways, she prepared a special surprise for them in recognition of Parents’ Day. To thank them for all that they’ve done for her, she presented them with a money cake that she prepared for them that contained roughly $1,500 USD.

Source: Solarsido/YouTube

8. Stood Up Against Haters

Speaking out in defense of yourself is difficult and scary. But, when Solar and Moonbyul spoke out against malicious commenters, they weren’t just doing it to protect themselves—instead, they were thinking about their MOOMOOs (MAMAMOO fans) who might get hurt reading such cruel messages.

Source: Guarding Star Twitter

Solar seems like a very humble and down-to-earth person despite being a superstar in K-Pop, so we’re sure there are countless more reasons she’s an excellent role model, but they haven’t come to light yet. Still, these eight examples are plenty of reasons to look up to Solar as the exemplary role model she undeniably is!