8 Times SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Stylishly Matched His Arm Cast To His Stage Outfit

Only Jeonghan can make wearing an arm cast look so good.

Ahead of SEVENTEEN‘s BE THE SUN world tour, Jeonghan received surgery for an elbow injury and didn’t let the arm cast stop him from performing. Jeonghan even requested that his arm casts be designed to match his stage outfits. Here are eight times they knocked Jeonghan’s request out of the park with stylish arm cast and stage outfit combinations.

1. Angel Wing

Perfectly complimenting his bright red jacket and simple white t-shirt, Jeonghan showed off a white cast decorated with the group’s name and an angel wing to symbolize his nickname.

2. Jet Black

Going for a more polished look, he paired a solid black arm cast with his black shirt to complement the silver of his jacket.

Wonwoo and Jeonghan.

3. Black On Black

Jeonghan wore another black cast but took this one over the top with the same gold detailing used on his suit jacket.

| Pledis Entertainment

4. Fiery Red

Jeonghan took advantage of the endless style options for a black t-shirt, going all out with the buttons and key chains on his red arm cast.

5. Simple White

Even when the group practiced before the concert, Jeonghan still matched his laidback outfit with a simple white arm cast.

| @HoneyYaHo1004/Twitter

| @HoneyYaHo1004/Twitter

6. Sparkly Blue

Perfectly matching the blue and silvery strands in his shirt, Jeonghan wore a blue arm cast that was covered in sparkles.

7. Carat Cast

Wearing his red jacket and pants combination once again, he dedicated the outfit to fans with an arm cast that displayed their fandom name in bright colors.

8. Stylish White

Even when SEVENTEEN performed on a music show, Jeonghan made his white cast stylish by pairing it with a beautifully sequined jacket.