5 Times TWICE’s Jeongyeon Was The Ultimate Girl Crush K-Pop Idol

Jeongyeon is THE girl crush standard!

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon is a girl crush icon!

TWICE’s Jeongyeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

The term “girl crush” in K-Pop can refer to fierce concepts, but it can also be applied to idols themselves. Girl crush idols are idols that other girls aspire to be like or who have stolen fangirls’ hearts. The term can apply to fashion, but it also can be used in reference to an idol’s personality and admirable traits, too.

Here are 5 times Jeongyeon was the ultimate girl crush idol!

1. When she proved she doesn’t take herself too seriously

Jeongyeon is well-aware of her girl crush image, and she isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself! She exaggerated her girl crush persona in a skit from TWICE Private Life. We truly admire her sense of humor!

2. Literally every time she comforted the members

Imagine how perfect the world would be if everyone were as caring as Jeongyeon! In this clip, she’s comforting Sana after Sana injured her thumb. We love how she always takes care of the members!

3. When she was the skater girl of everyone’s dreams

“Likey” Jeongyeon was truly legendary! Jeongyeon isn’t afraid to try new things, and she always excels in everything she does. We’re sure many fans were inspired to try skateboarding after seeing this!

4. Every time she proved how much she loved animals

Jeongyeon has such a big heart! As if taking care of her own pets wasn’t enough, she fostered a puppy with her sister and even started an Instagram page to help the puppy find a new home. How could we not love her when she’s so caring?

5. When she wasn’t afraid to wear suits

Jeongyeon embraces feminine, masculine, and androgynous fashion! She can be a tomboy one second and the girliest of girly girls the next. Jeongyeon isn’t afraid to experiment with her style, and her looks always turn out to be iconic! We can’t help but admire her bold fashion sense.