3 Top Female Idols Who Also Double As TV Commercial Queens

Every brand loves these queens!

Securing a solo CF is a pretty huge deal all on its own but there have been 3 top female idols who have been ruling the solo CF scene for the past 10+ years. With their immense power on stage, on screen, and in commercials, they’ve each earned the nickname “CF Queen.” From beauty to electronics and everything in between, these are the 3 unstoppable top female idols who double as commercial queens.

1. IU

As an acclaimed singer and actress, IU has stolen countless hearts around the world. Becoming a household name and with her popularity constantly rising, it’s unsurprising that brands love her too!

Over the years IU has become a commercial queen working with everything from beauty companies like CNP Laboratory to the water company Jeju Samdasoo.

By 2018, IU was dubbed a “CF Queen” after not only signing a contract with the popular soju brand Chamisul but also signing with four other brands too!

Further proving her huge popularity, in June 2020, she made headlines everywhere when she became Binggrae‘s new model for banana milk.

With brands continuously seeking her out, it’s no wonder IU has continued to rule as a commercial queen!

2. Suzy

From delighting everyone with her skills during her miss A days to dazzling everyone as a top actress, there’s no doubt that Suzy holds everyone’s heart. She’s so loved that even companies get enough of her either.

Beauty, fashion, food and drink; Suzy has done commercials for them all. In fact, by 2017, it was reported that Suzy had done 30+ commercials since making her acting debut and since then, that number has only continued to grow.

Since starting her reign as the a “CF Queen”, Suzy has had many incredibly memorable CF moments including her campaign with SpriteChum Churum soju, and the nail care brand Dashing Diva to name a few.

Speaking of queen Suzy, she’s also been ruling as the model for Guess jeans since 2016…

And, after working with the beauty brand Lancôme as an ambassador, she became the company’s global muse in 2020!

With all that love, it’s easy to see why Suzy is consistently crowned a CF queen!

3. Yoona (Girls’ Generation)

Beloved and admired by all for her talents on stage as a singer and on screen as an actress, Yoona has long claimed a spot in hearts worldwide. This includes claiming the love of top beauty companies, jewelry brands, and more!

She’s been called a “CF Queen” pretty much from the moment she made her debut and has continued to hold that title. Over the years, she’s worked with many brands ranging in everything from fashion and beauty to insurance and electronics.

Continually proving her popularity, Yoona has worked with top brands like SK Telecom (South Korea’s largest wireless operator), Pandora, Crocs, and the fashion brand JIGOTT.

Furthermore, Yoona was the longtime model for K-Beauty brand Innisfree, having worked with them for 11 years!

As an always in-demand celeb, it was no surprise when she was named the first Korean ambassador for luxury brand Michael Kors in 2019 and became an ambassador for international beauty brand Estée Lauder in 2020.

Slaying on stage, on screen, and as a model and ambassador, no wonder Yoona is a commercial queen!

Source: The Qoo