Here Are The Top 5 Most Popular Girl and Boy Idol Group Members, According to South Koreans

Number 1 for male idols may be shocking, check out what netizens have to say about him.

These are the top 5 male and female idols of all time. Number one for males may be shocking, check out what netizens have to say about the rise and fall of this male idol.

Male Idols

1. TVXQ/JYJ Park Yoochun (Explanation Below)

Park Yoochun was once a legendary idol. Netizens noted that he had become successful and wealthy at such a young age and received the public’s love. He had everything: talent, appearance, and reputation. Yoochun now, however, will never rise to that level again since he has been exposed for taking drugs and being arrested.

Many note how he had such massive popularity and noted how hard it was to find a star like him. Korean fans are upset that he allowed his talents and fame to go to waste.

Park Yoochun… He was every young girls’ oppa, unnies’ and hyungs’ dongsaeng, ahjussi and ahjumma’s son. Everyone in the nation loved him so much. He ruined himself.

– Korean Netizen

2. TVXQ/JYJ Junsu

3. TVXQ/JYJ Jaejoong

4. BIGBANG G-Dragon

5. SS501 Kim Hyun Joong

Female Idols

1. FIN K.L Lee Hyori

2. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

3. Girls’ Generation Yoona

4. Miss A Suzy

5. 2NE1 CL

Source: Pann Nate