Park Yoochun Is Now Under Arrest, But He’s Asking About “How He Can Get Out”

He wants to be released quickly.

Just in the month of April 2019, JYJ‘s Park Yoochun went from denying all his drug use allegations to getting tested, testing positive for methamphetamine use, getting arrested, then finally admitting all his actions. News reports are now sharing that, being under arrest, Park Yoochun is asking the lawyers about “how he can get out quickly.”


Legal professionals gathered on Channel A’s Strike Show to discuss what may have led Park Yoochun to go from denying to admitting his drug use allegations so abruptly. A former prosecutor turned lawyer Kim Kwang Sam claimed that in the beginning, he may have had faith that he could get through the scandal without getting arrested.

Park Yoochun had hope that by bleaching and waxing his hair, he would be able to destroy evidence and get away with everything and remain in the entertainment industry… but once he got arrested, he had his freedom taken away. When he was outside, he was able to do everything on his own as he wished. But inside, he is confined to a small room where things are controlled… He must have felt a tremendous level of fear and pressure from this limit in freedom.

— Kim Kwang Sam


Channel A News also reported that the most critical factor in turning Park Yoochun’s mind around to finally admit his drug use is actually having his family members visit him daily while he was being detained. According to the news report, Park Yoochun told the lawyers that “it is painful to have his family see him locked up”.

In fact, throughout the investigations, Park Yoochun’s brother Park Yoohwan has been active in voicing support for his older brother.


In addition, Park Yoochun has reportedly asked the lawyers about how he can “be released quickly”. Crime-related profilers and professionals believe that Park Yoochun must be under a lot of stress from having his agency, his lawyer, and his fans turn away from him – and this fear of having lost all his support may have convinced him to admit to his wrongdoings and possibly find ways to bounce back from it all.


This news, however, was not well received by the Korean audience. Many became enraged by the fact that Park Yoochun is still thinking about “how to get out” rather than “how to pay for his crimes”. Comments in response to the news of Park Yoochun asking about expediting his release displayed the public’s pure disappointment and anger.

Source: Sports Donga

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