Park Yoochun Admits To Drug Use Outside Of Current Charges

This is everything he’s confessed to so far.

Park Yoochun has confessed to additional drug use outside of his current illegal drug use charges.

According to the police, Park Yoochun has confessed to one more occasion of Philopon (methamphetamine) purchasing and administration during his investigation on April 29.


He admitted to purchasing Philopon in mid-March and administrating it on March 13th. Park Yoochun confessed that his ex-fiancée Hwang Hana purchased the Philopon in Seoul last month and that they went together to pick up the drugs.

Moreover, he administered Philopon with Hwang Hana on the same day and administered it once again alone. The police were suspecting that he and Hwang Hana used the Philopon together, but Park Yoochun’s drug use alone was new information obtained through his confession.


In total, Park Yoochun admitted to purchasing Philopon 4 times and administration 6 times. The police are currently looking into the validity of the additional purchases and plan to forward his case to prosecution this weekend.

Source: The Celeb

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