Here Are The Top 6 Songs By Female Idols That K-Netizens Believe Dominated 2021

The #1 and #2 girl groups have yet to reach their first anniversary!

Korean netizens recently gathered on an online community to discuss the top songs by female idols of 2021 — so let’s take a look at the top 6 tracks!

6. IU’s “Celebrity”

Coming in at number 6, we have the one and only IU and her 2021 hit track, “Celebrity.” The song kickstarted the beginning of 2021, having premiered back in January of this year. The track features electronic music, as well as tropical house which combines into a fun, funky dance track. IU saw mega success with the release of this song, as she topped all of the music charts immediately.

5. Brave Girls’ “Rollin”

Following IU is the viral girl group Brave Girls and their claim to fame, “Rollin.” While the song was originally released back in 2017, the girl group shot to overnight fame earlier this year after a fancam video of “Rollin” went viral on YouTube. 4 years after its initial release, the girls experienced popularity like no other and it was all thanks to this song. It may not have been released in 2021, but Korean netizens all agreed that this song became a staple for this year.

4. TWICE’s “Alcohol-Free”

Sliding in at number 4 is girl group TWICE and their unique summer track, “Alcohol-Free.” The fun song pulls inspiration from samba music, as the 9 girls of TWICE sing along and sway their bodies to the melodious tune of the track. And just like the name states, the song has many references to different alcoholic drinks. On the day of its release, the girls performed their song on The Ellen Degeneres Show on June 9, appealing to the international audience.

3. Taeyeon’s (Girls’ Generation) “Weekend”

Next up, we have Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon and her summery track, “Weekend.” The veteran girl group member slays with every release so this comes as no surprise. With references to disco, the upbeat tune and the vibrant colors created the urge for anyone listening to go on a “Weekend” trip. With its July release, the light melody was perfect for the summer days, which may be the reason why this song is number 3 on this list.


Rookie girl group STAYC reigns second on this list with their April release, “ASAP.” The talented girl group has continued to surprised netizens time and time again with their stable vocals, stunning visuals, and amazing all-rounded skills. With the premiere of this song, the girls solidified their rising star status as they showed off their incredible live performances with each music show broadcast.

1. aespa’s “Next Level”

Last, but most certainly not least is another rookie girl group, but this time it’s aespa. The monster girl group is rapidly becoming one of South Korea’s most talked about groups, as they slay music charts with every release. Known for their unique color, “Next Level” became an immediate hit with netizens all around the world. Pair their funky song with the dynamic choreography and it comes as no surprise as to why aespa’s song became a fan favorite amongst Korean netizens.

Source: theqoo