6 Reasons Why TREASURE’s Bang Yedam Was Born To Be A K-Pop Idol

He’s “God Yedam” for a reason!

TREASURE‘s Bang Yedam turns 19 on May 7! To celebrate his birthday, let’s look back on his journey so far and the reasons why he perfectly fits into the K-Pop world.

Check out the reasons why he was born to be an idol below!

1. His family is full of musicians.

First of all, Yedam comes from a musically inclined family. His father is famous for making jingles for commercials and animations while his mother sings soundtracks for dramas. He’s even been their partner in several song recordings.

2. He has years of experience.

In line with this, Yedam was a singer and musician since he was a child. Like the prodigy that he is, he naturally gravitated and mastered instruments.

When Yedam was 7 years old, I let him listen to classical music. He said, ‘Wait a minute,’ then he came to the piano and played the same song he just heard.

— Yedam’s Mother

3. He’s a winner.

Yedam stole the hearts of South Korea and the rest of the world when he appeared in SBS‘s K-Pop Star. As a soloist, he was able to clinch the second place title of the show right after his labelmates AKMU.

4. He’s an all-rounder.

Yedam is the definition of a true “all-rounder.” One of his nicknames is “God Yedam,” an ode to his capabilities in doing everything. He can reach any note…

…he can spit verses when rapping…

…and he can learn a complicated choreography like BTS‘s “DNA” in a short timespan.

Not to mention, his voice is even sweeter than honey!

5. He’s handsome.

We can’t talk about Yedam without mentioning his looks! Fans have seen him grow up from a small kid into the handsome guy that he is now.

Without a doubt, he owns every photoshoot and selfie!

| @treasuremembers/Twitter

6. He has a great personality.

Last but certainly not the least, Yedam is well-loved by fans for his sweet personality. He’s always polite, respectful, and kind. As a TREASURE member, he’s a reliable rock that the others lean on.

Happy birthday, Yedam!