Here’s The Screen Time Distribution For Each TREASURE Member In The “Boy” MV — And It’s Not As Fair As You Think

One member had over 5x another member’s screen time.

With 12 members, it can be difficult for large groups like TREASURE to give each member equal screen time. YouTuber euforkia compiled everyone’s screen time in TREASURE’s debut music video, “Boy.” Listed from least to most screen time, check out how long each member got to entice fans in their debut single!

| @ygtreasuremaker/Twitter

12. Jaehyuk — 2.6 seconds

Though Jaehyuk didn’t have a large grand total in time, he was able to shine as the center in many of the group scenes.

11. Jeongwoo — 3 seconds

What Jeongwoo lacked in screen time for “Boy,” he later made up for in TREASURE’s special performance of “I Love You.”

10. Yoshi — 3.2 seconds

Yoshi’s solo scene with floating blocks was super cool — but only 3.2 seconds in length.

9. Asahi — 4 seconds

Asahi’s 4 seconds were enough to make netizens notice his stunning visuals and platinum blonde locks!

8. Doyoung — 5 seconds

All you need is 5 seconds to fall for Doyoung’s adorable visuals.

7. Junghwan — 5.3 seconds

The charismatic maknae showed off his rock-climbing skills, killer dance moves, and smouldering glare all in 5.3 seconds.

6. Mashiho — 6.2 seconds

Mashiho got the chance to show off some acrobatic moves and have some cool dance shots in front of a lit-up screen.

5. Junkyu — 6.5 seconds

Junkyu’s visuals in his close-up shots will have you singing “I’ma ride for you, I’ma ride or die for you~”

4. Jihoon — 7.8 seconds

Jihoon played the part of an artist surrounded by sculptures in his 7.8 seconds of screen time.

3. Hyunsuk — 11.8 seconds

Leader Hyunsuk owned the stage while spitting his rap in front of a blinged-out basketball hoop.

2. Yedam — 13.5 seconds

Yedam starred in the opening of the video and continued to have the spotlight on him for much of the video.

1. Haruto — 14.2 seconds

Haruto showed off his prince-like visuals in his solo scene over a pool and had a grand total of 14.2 seconds of screen time.

Check out the original video by euforkia below!