TREASURE’s Most Intense Acting Scenes In “It’s Okay, That’s Friendship” Had Hilarious Behind The Scenes Moments

For Junkyu, the cringe was real!

TREASURE impressed fans all over the world with their acting in It’s Okay, That’s Friendship, their first ever Korean web drama. When Junkyu and Doyoung, identical twins, joined a new school, jealousy ensued as original friendships were tested.


Though there was no shortage of drama…

…there were fun parts involved as well!

The entire behind the scenes process proved that TREASURE’s glares on camera were prefaced with giggles behind it. Check them out below!

1. It took a number of tries.

The conversation of Junghwan, Haruto, and Junkyu actually took at least five takes!

2. The cringe is real.

Junkyu and Haruto  just couldn’t handle their own acting!

In fact, Junkyu couldn’t help but say, “I want to be on this side. Not the character I have. I want his role” after cringing at his happy-go-lucky persona.

3. That eye-roll though!

Just a few shots later, the older member reached his limit with how close Haruto’s face was to his own.

4. Jaehyuk’s real feelings were made known.

Though Jaehyuk and Doyoung’s window cleaning practice scene had fewer complaints, they weren’t as immune to it as they made it seem.

TREASURE is the type of group with a lot of physical affection. Despite that! This is very different.

— Jaehyuk

When the cameras began rolling, Jaehyuk even jumped back in surprise!

The editors accurately captioned the shot as, “Even happy Jaehyuk is distressed…”

5. Who’s really to blame?

When it came to the climax of Jaehyuk and Jeongwoo‘s bromance, the two just couldn’t nail their part. They kept blaming each other for laughing or making them laugh!

I’m supposed to smile here! Don’t laugh!

— Jaehyuk

6. There were no hard feelings!

Finally, the most dramatic scene in the whole Korean web drama was probably when Junghwan and Haruto confronted each other.


Though it was intense in every way…


…they actually hugged it out right after!

What a sweet friendship! Check out the full behind the scenes video below!