6 Funniest Moments From TREASURE’s “It’s Okay, That’s Friendship” Web Drama That Brought Us To Our Knees Laughing

Asahi holding popcorn while watching Junghwan’s bromance? Iconic.

TREASURE impressed everyone with their first web drama, “It’s Okay, That’s Friendship.” Though it was more serious than previous YG Entertainment parodies, it didn’t lack in the comedy department at all.

Check out some of the funniest parts below!

1. When everyone fawned over TREASURE

Doyoung and Junkyu were in for a surprise as soon as they entered their new school! In a very Boys Over Flowers-like entrance, the five members of TREASURE walked into the school as if it were a runway.

Jihoon, Yoshi, Yedam, Hyunsuk, and Mashiho fawned over them exaggeratedly, as if they were meeting their favorite celebrities for the first time.

2. When TREASURE had unique introductions

Aside from Junghwan, the other TREASURE boys were notably rich and famous. Instead of chocolate abs, Jeongwoo has a “chocolate skin tone”…

…Jaehyuk’s dad owns a delivery app so he always has banana milk on hand…

…Haruto’s family owns 5.5 trillion hotels around the world…

…and finally, true to his name, Asahi is the son of the beer company Asahi Breweries! Jihoon aptly described him using the words, “His looks are more intoxicating than beer.”

3. When Doyoung’s piano skills were questionable

Doyoung was supposedly a piano prodigy who could perform pieces that only the best of the best can…

…but he used his index fingers the entire time!

4. When Junkyu had an out of place joke

Junkyu was the least fitting person to have the line, “How can you sleep all day?” As the member who loves to laze around in bed whenever he can, it was the most ironic thing he said!

5. When Jihoon was everyone

Jihoon was the member who got multiple roles from start to finish, reminiscent of WINNER‘s Seunghoon in WINNER TV. It was comedic how we went from a teacher standing in the front of the room to a student in the front row, and later even the dad of Junghwan!

Jihoon as a student | TREASURE/YouTube
Jihoon as a teacher | TREASURE/YouTube 
Jihoon as Junghwan’s dad and the secretary of Haruto’s father | TREASURE/YouTube

6. When Asahi was all of us

Finally, Asahi was all of us in the drama! The scene when he actually ate popcorn while watching Junghwan’s bromance play out was exactly like what TREASURE MAKERS were doing.

He’s not afraid to break the fourth wall, and it totally matches his 4D personality!

We all love this side of TREASURE!