9 Times TREASURE Did Not Hesitate To “Betray” Each Other All In The Name Of Winning

It was betrayal from start to finish!

Friendship is a fickle thing when it comes to competitions! TREASURE could only trust half of each other when they were separated into two groups in the first two episodes of TREASURE MAP Season 2 (30th and 31st episode overall). The black team and the blue team had to find the most number of coins around the new YG Entertainment building.

Since they could chase down the members of the other team if they saw them holding coins, the episode was rife with betrayal. There were also four designated “X-Men” whose job was to eliminate non “X-Men” by removing the name tags on their backs, and they weren’t loyal to anyone.

Check out some examples of TREASURE’s betrayals below!

1. When they ganged up on Yoshi

Yoshi was one of the first casualties in the war between teams blue and black. He didn’t know how to lie properly when leader Jihoon directly asked him, “Is there a coin there?”

2. And Junkyu just left him alone

While this was happening, Yoshi called for reinforcements in the form of Junkyu who was passing by. Even if he was Yoshi’s team mate, he didn’t bother helping him out. He just made eye contact…and left.

3. When Asahi betrayed Jaehyuk

There’s no such thing as friendship when it comes to collecting coins! Asahi and Jaehyuk may be best friends in real life, but the former made sure to snitch on the latter to his precious Jihoon hyung.

Jihoon hyung! Get Jaehyuk!

— Asahi

4. When the blue team stole Jaehyuk’s coins

No matter how many black team members defended Jaehyuk, the blue team was too strong. He was no longer “young and rich” after his coins were dramatically stolen.

5. When Junkyu cared more about the cameras

While Jaehyuk was being raided, fellow team member Junkyu didn’t bother fending off the enemies. He cared more about the cameras that were thrown aside during the tussle, and of course getting more air time!

Careful with the cameras…I have two now! This means more footage!

— Junkyu

6. When Mashiho was willing to kill his teammates

Mashiho was the first “X-Man” who succeeded in finding a silver coin and removing another person’s name tag within three minutes. He didn’t mind who it was as long as he wasn’t too obvious to everyone. In fact, he preferred to kill off someone from his own team!

This is hard…The other team? It should be my team. They won’t suspect. My target is Doyoung.

— Mashiho

7. When he actually killed off Jeongwoo

TREASURE Map episode 31 showed fans who really killed Jeongwoo from the previous episode, and of course it was Mashiho. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time, making him the first casualty of the day.

8. When Junkyu almost eliminated Asahi

Asahi trusted “X-Man” Junkyu enough to show him his back while asking if his sticker was still intact.

The older member betrayed this trust by inching closer to Asahi and trying to rip off his tag! He was luckily able to get away, but it left him traumatized.

9. When Yedam betrayed Jihoon and Junghwan

Finally, one of the worst betrayals was when Yedam killed his own team mates, Jihoon and Junghwan, in episode 31. This came after he promised he was not the “X-Man” during a blue team meeting.

Yedam: That’s the truth…I’ll face the consequences.

Jihoon: Are you sure? Don’t mess with me! I’ll get upset!

Lo and behold, as soon as the team dispersed, he zeroed in on Jihoon and took his name tag!

Knowing that he was already exposed, he took down as many people as he could, including their beloved maknae Junghwan.

It was betrayal from start to finish! If you want to see TREASURE’s harsh battle, check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube