The Heartwarming Way TREASURE’s Hyunsuk Supported Jihoon As An Inkigayo MC From Start To Finish

Jihoon recently stepped down from his role.

TREASURE‘s Jihoon recently concluded his run as an MC of SBS‘s Inkigayo alongside NCT‘s Sungchan and IVE‘s Yujin.

NCT’s Sungchan (Left), IVE’s Yujin (Center), and TREASURE’s Jihoon (Right) | SBS

Throughout his journey, there was one member in particular who was always by his side—fellow leader Hyunsuk.

Check out their interactions below!

1. The Beginning

Jihoon’s first day as an MC was on March 7, 2021. Despite the early morning call time, Hyunsuk followed behind him bearing flowers and well wishes.

It’s Jihoon’s debut day as an MC. Though the other members couldn’t come because of the COVID-19 gathering restrictions, I came alone representing everyone. Jihoon doesn’t know I came but he kept asking me to come. I came to surprise him on his first day.

— Hyunsuk

He surprised Jihoon in the waiting room with his goodies and promised to act as his manager for the day.

While buying him bananas and candies from the convenience store, Hyunsuk turned sentimental as he praised his co-leader’s growth.

It does suddenly feel a bit weird seeing Jihoon all grown up. He was just a little boy from Busan. I’m not worried because I know he’s going to do his best.

— Hyunsuk

He made sure to get many pictures of Jihoon following his “Give Love” performance.

2. The End

A little over a year later, Jihoon, Sungchan, and Yujin ended their time as MCs on March 27, 2022. TREASURE handed the three hosts a bouquet of flowers each, with Hyunsuk giving his straight to Jihoon.

He looked like a proud father while looking at Jihoon delivering his ending speech. Like the caring leader he is, he even fixed Jihoon’s hair affectionately!

Hyunsuk was there for Jihoon from start to finish!

Hyunsuk and Jihoon | @treasuremembers/Twitter

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