6 Times TREASURE’s Jihoon Was Obviously Born To Be A Music Show Host

He’s one of Inkigayo’s newest MCs!

TREASURE‘s Jihoon is one of three new Inkigayo MCs including IZ*ONE‘s Yujin and NCT‘s Sungchan. When it was first announced that he’d be taking on the role, fans were equally excited and unsurprised. After all, Jihoon’s proven since the start that he was born to be a host.

Check out some instances that prove it below!

1. When he was an MC since pre-debut

The first time Jihoon showed off his natural talents in speaking was when he co-hosted the New Year’s special alongside CIX‘s Seunghun.

Though he was still a trainee competing for his spot in the group during YG TREASURE BOX, he made everyone at ease with his high energy!

2. When he was the host of most of TREASURE’s broadcasts

From TREASURE’s debut countdown online broadcast for “BOY” to their The First Step: TREASURE Effect countdown party, he was a reliable host.

He’s masterful at smoothly transitioning a question from member to member! There are no awkward pauses when he’s in charge of the conversation.

3. When he almost took over Junghwan’s role

Part of the reason why Jihoon is such a great host is because he’s a natural born leader. Leading the conversation is almost as natural as leading his group. When TREASURE visited Iksan in TREASURE Map Episode 8, the members joked that he’d end up stealing Junghwan‘s role as their tour guide.

Jihoon might say 30 minutes later, ‘Let’s go this way!’ while Junghwan replies, ‘Yes, hyung!’

— Hyunsuk

The funniest part was that the maknae didn’t seem to mind at all!

4. When he led the team in variety shows

Who can forget how comfortable Jihoon was when TREASURE first appeared on Weekly Idol? Or when he had an opening part in Idol Radio? Everyone may have been nervous during these variety shows, but he always made sure to talk confidently and with a professional, lighthearted tone.

5. When he was the best in variety class

In terms of personality, Jihoon has what it takes to be a music show host! He was actually named one of the best among the trainees in YG Entertainment when it came to variety show training.

In entertainment lessons, he was the best. He was picked as the top entertainer.

— Hyunsuk

Since music shows have many fun moments between the hosts, Jihoon is expected to be great at them.

Inkigayo’s newest hosts | Inkigayo

6. When he led the team in music shows

Finally, Jihoon proved himself in many short interviews before their performances on music shows. Stray KidsHyunjin even introduced him as someone who has great potential:I’ve heard that there’s a promising MC among Treasure! Promising MC! Jihoon-ssi.”

From these reasons, it’s obvious why Jihoon was chosen to be one of Inkigayo’s newest MCs!

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