Top 4 Things TREASURE Did In Jeongwoo’s High School Graduation That Make Us Jealous Of Their Friendship

#3 is too cute.

Earlier this month, TREASURE made headlines for their adorable appearance at member Jeongwoo‘s high school graduation. They have since released an official vlog to detail what happened behind the scenes.

Check out some of their sweetest interactions below!

1. When they went gift shopping

Before heading to Jeongwoo’s graduation ceremony, Asahi and Jaehyuk went gift shopping for him. They picked out a letterman jacket that fits his “simple” fashion sense, showing that they know him well.

Asahi: Let’s pick something Jeongwoo [will] wear…he likes simple styles.

Jaehyuk: Yeah, that’s what he likes.

The members ended up giving him three gifts which they placed  in a paper bag with his photo attached, completing it with handwritten messages. As Jeongwoo’s surprised expression showed, he definitely appreciated it.

2. When they made their own banner signs

Next up, TREASURE all made sure to attend the graduation ceremony of Jeongwoo even if they weren’t sure if they were allowed to come. They each brought a placard they thought of themselves similar to what fans would bring to a K-Pop idol concert.

  • We’re proud of you, Jeongwoo!
  • Representing Iksan [Jeongwoo’s hometown]. May your twenties always shine bright!

They stood up the entire time at the back of the auditorium while proudly waving up their banners.

3. When they made their presence known

They definitely made their presence known! Like the close friends they are, they didn’t feel shy to shout Jeongwoo’s name loudly enough for their voices to echo in the room and for everyone to turn to look at them. They were so loud, the member in question asked them to turn it down!

4. When they were excited for him to receive his award

Lastly, TREASURE was just like Jeongwoo’s parents during the ceremony, acting extra excited when they learned he was a recipient of the Special Achievement Award.

Looking good in the center, Jeongwoo! Jeongwoo, we’re proud of you!


BONUS: When they surprised Haruto

As a bonus, TREASURE was also just as sweet to Haruto who is the same age as him. Jaehyuk went out of his way to prepare a similar gift for him, he felt down at not having a high school graduation. Since Haruto hails from Japan, he set aside his chance to study in a traditional brick and mortar school in order to focus on his career.

Jaehyuk even dressed up as a professor to hand him a makeshift diploma. The younger member couldn’t stop looking at it with a touched expression.

When it comes to showing appreciation for one another, TREASURE never holds back! Check out the full video below to see this first-hand.

Source: YouTube
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