6 Reasons Why You Should Put TREASURE’s Mashiho In Your Bias List Right Now

Happy birthday, Mashiho!

TREASURE‘s Mashiho is celebrating his birthday on March 25.

It’s the perfect time to begin supporting him, especially since there are already several other reasons why he deserves to be on your bias list right now. Check them out below!

1. His dancing

Mashiho may be smol but his moves are always big!

He gained widespread attention during YG TREASURE BOX partly for this reason. His skills were proven when he looked like the perfect center for the chorus of “Going Crazy.”

2. His singing

He’s an all-rounder all right! Besides being a capable dancer, Mashiho is just as good at singing. He can reach all the high notes, his vocals are always consistent, and his voice is attractive.

Who can forget his iconic Dean cover alongside CIX‘s Seunghun?

3. His visuals

We can’t talk about Mashiho without touching up on his visuals. What else is there to say? He’s stunning!

Mashiho’s small face and symmetrical features make him a camera favorite. No matter where or when his photos are taken, his visuals are always top-tier.

He was even voted as the most good looking YG TREASURE BOX trainee by several of his fellow contestants, including co-leader Hyunsuk.

4. His cuteness

One thing that makes Mashiho stand out in the group is his role of being TREASURE’s resident cutie.

When it comes to aegyo, it’s as natural as breathing for him. He knows exactly what to do to make his members surrender to his cuteness.

They once pointed out in an episode of Weekly Idol that even the way he walks with a bounce in his step is adorable.

He’s already cute even when he’s only walking.

— Jihoon

5. His language capabilities

As one of the members of TREASURE’s J-line, it’s expected that Mashiho speaks Japanese better than Korean. Despite this, he’s almost fully fluent in the language.

When he does speak Japanese, it’s always a treat to fans!

6. His caring personality

Finally, Mashiho’s the type of person who is always dependable. He may look like the youngest, but he’s mature for his age. He loves neat rooms, spending time with his members, and having an orderly life.

In a hidden camera episode during TREASURE MAP, he couldn’t say no when fans asked him to dance for them on the spot, showing his caring attitude towards TREASURE Makers.

From the countless times his members hugged him, fed him, and complimented him, it was evident that their love was genuine!

Happy 20th birthday, Mashiho!


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