12 Times TREASURE Showed How Multi-Talented They Are With Unique Individual Talents

“You show promise.”

TREASURE auditioned in front of their seniors, SECHSKIESJiwon and Suwon, for their parody drama in Episode 35 of TREASURE MAP. Besides showing off their acting skills, they also danced, looked cute, and did martial arts as their individual talents.

Check them out below!

1. Junghwan

First up, Junghwan impressed SECHSKIES by doing his signature house turn Taekwondo move. It made Suwon comment, “You show promise as an action star.”

2. Mashiho

Mashiho made everyone gasp at his perfect b-boy moves. He’s a great dancer as much as he is a terrific singer!

3. Asahi

Asahi also had a show-stopping individual talent, this time pretending to be hit by multiple bullets at once. He was a pro at popping!

4. Doyoung

Doyoung was a self-proclaimed “rainbow” thanks to his ability to show many colors or sides of himself. In one second, he’s a bright, all-smiles kid, and in another, he’s a total psycho.

5. Junkyu

Junkyu’s skill was related to his body: he could split his tongue into two as if it were cut open.

6. Jaehyuk

One of Jaehyuk’s oldest talents is being the adorable person that he is with a “coo coo” gesture!

7. Jeongwoo

Jeongwoo put pressure on himself by choosing “improvising on the spot” as his talent, such as by crying in front of everyone.

8. Haruto

Haruto combined two skills of his, looking spaced out and winking, to make a heart-stopping move!

9. Yoshi

Yoshi made everyone believe he was a rich kid when he said, “Watch it, this is expensive!” while acting with Jeongwoo.

10. Yedam

Like Yoshi, Yedam chose acting like a snob as something he’s good at. He was able to make Jiwon comment, “You look really stuck-up.”

11. Hyunsuk

Hyunsuk was great at pretending to be a person who stubbed his toe on a door with just one expression.

12. Jihoon

Finally, Jihoon didn’t care about his image when he made his eyes act angry while his mouth was set in a smile. His “Jihoon-Hyde” expression was so good, the editors blurred out half of his face to protect his image!

TREASURE’s definitely multi-talented!


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