8 Celebrities, Producers, And More Who Attended TREASURE’s First Offline Concert “TRACE”

How many of these people do you recognize?

TREASURE recently held their first offline concert on April 9 and 10 to the excitement of fans, the members themselves, and many other celebrities. It was a star-studded event befitting of the rising YG Entertainment stars.

Check out the big names who attended TRACE below!

1. iKON’s DK and Jinhwan

First up, iKON’s DK and Jinhwan were seen entering the concert venue to support TREASURE. It was an extra meaningful visit considering they were YG Entertainment’s youngest boy group until they passed on the crown to TREASURE last 2020.

Donghyuk even posted an Instagram story where he called them “cool” and congratulated them for a job well done.

2. Ciipher’s Won

Ciipher’s maknae and rapper Won was spotted visiting the concert venue with a friend.

His group’s official Twitter account posted a photo featuring him, his friend, and TREASURE’s rap line. Hyunsuk, Haruto, and Yoshi were happy to see them!

| @.RAIN_ciipher/Twitter


3. Yang Hyun Suk

As one of his first public appearances since his scandal, former YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk appeared in TRACE to see TREASURE live. They were the last group he formed before he resigned from his position.

4. Sungyeon from YG TREASURE BOX

Sungyeon was a former YG TREASURE BOX contestant who was unfortunately eliminated early in the show.

Despite being on a different path in life, he continues to keep in touch with the TREASURE members. He attended the TRACE concert and was able to take a backstage photo with Jaehyuk, a fellow TREASURE B member.

Jaehyuk and Sungyeon | @sky_ksy_06_18_/Instagram

He is also one of Yedam’s closest friends, taking a group photo with him and their mutual buddies.


SECHSKIES’ Jiwon has been active in the industry since 1997. Despite being much older than TREASURE, he was still excited to support them, even making a heart shape with his fingers for a selfie.

Dee.P (Left) and Jiwon (Right) | @danpak0603/Instagram

He recently appeared in a variety show, The Game Caterers 2, with Hyunsuk and Jihoon.

6. Future Bounce

Seated beside Jiwon was none other than Dee.P from Future Bounce, one of the first YG Entertainment producers who worked with TREASURE.

| @danpak0603/Instagram

Future Bounce was one of the key figures who made “Going Crazy,” “MMM,” “MY TREASURE,” and more.

| @danpak0603/Instagram

7. Choice37

Choice37 (Robin Cho) is another producer who worked closely with TREASURE. He composed or arranged most of their songs since 2020, from “BOY”…

…to “JIKJIN.”

He uploaded a set of photos from the concert, calling it “dope” and saying “Congratz” to the boys.

8. Airplay

Last but certainly not the least, Airplay also recently worked with the boy group on their song “It’s Okay” from The Second Step: Chapter One.

Following the TRACE concert, he praised the company’s maknae for a job well done.

Congratulations on your first offline concert, TREASURE!

Source: Instagram (1) and (2) and Twitter