Here Is The Visual Triangle Of TREASURE According To A K-Netizen

Is your bias here?

With 12 people in the group, there is a member within TREASURE that suits every fan’s ideal type. According to a K-Netizen’s online community post, there are 3 members who are the top visuals of the group.

Check out below how each one has their own appeal and fall for their unique charms!

1. Haruto

Haruto has a powerful and cold visual that has propelled him to popularity.

He has the most viewed individual fancams for both of TREASURE’s singles “BOY” and “I LOVE YOU.”

| @treasuremembers/Twitter

Together, Haruto’s two fancams have a combined total of over 1M views!

Described as the “objective flower boy,” he is consistently praised for his visuals.

The charismatic Japanese rapper is only an ’04 liner, but that doesn’t stop him from stealing fans’ hearts!

| @ygtreasuremaker/Twitter

2. Asahi

Asahi rapidly gained attention after dying his hair platinum blonde for TREASURE’s “BOY” music video.

He began to trend across Korean online communities for his captivating visuals.

Described as having “elf visuals,” he has an endearingly unique vibe. Check out the ending-fairy pose that caught everyone’s attention!

Another one of four Japanese members, Asahi’s charming vocals and stunning features make him hard to overlook.

3. Junkyu

Junkyu, described as the “handsome stan attractor,” has koala-like visuals that are guaranteed to make your heart do flips.

His big eyes and adorable expressions are equally as beautiful as his honey-like vocals.

Junkyu is praised by his members for having a handsome face, broad shoulders, and a tall, slim build.

Once you fall for his bright smile…

…there’s no escape!

Source: Nate Pann