K-Drama True Beauty Is Filled With ASTRO References — Here Are 4 Fan-Favorites!

Could these all be allusions to their favorite group or just mere coincidences?

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo has been stealing hearts playing the role of Lee Su Ho in tvN‘s True Beauty, but his visuals aren’t the only thing fans have been paying attention to; eagle-eyed viewers have spotted various ASTRO-related Easter eggs scattered through the scenes of the drama!

ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo as Lee Su Ho. | Fantagio Entertainment

1. Lee Su Ho’s passcode

In episode 6, Lee Su Ho is seen entering a passcode to unlock the secret room in his apartment. The passcode appears to be 0223. Could this be a nod to ASTRO’s debut date, February 23?

| tvN

2. The posters at MOVE Entertainment

Posters inspired by ASTRO music videos can be spotted on the walls of MOVE Entertainment, the company Lee Su Ho’s father owns. Here’s one from episode 8 featuring a scene from their “Blue Flame” MV!

| tvN & ASTRO 아스트로/YouTube

This one, appearing in episode 13, is from Moonbin and Sanha‘s unit debut MV, “Bad Idea.”

| tvN & ASTRO 아스트로/YouTube

3. This iconic line

| tvN

The ultimate fan-favorite was definitely in episode 7 when Im Ju Gyeong, played by actress Moon Ga Young, asked Lee Su Ho to go with her to the comic book store by using Eunwoo’s beloved line, “같이 갈래?” (“gachi galae?“) from the ASTRO song “Polaris.”

| tvN

Although he replied with a curt rejection, fans were rejoiced to catch this subtle nod to their favorite group.

4. Moonbin and Sanha’s alter-egos

The most recent—and obvious—Easter egg has to be the appearance of members Moonbin and Sanha as the fictional group ATEEN in the latest episode!

Moonbin and Sanha’s debut teaser picture (left) and the fictional group ATEEN (right). | @offclASTRO/Twitter & tvN

Here’s hoping the rest of ASTRO will make an appearance soon— and not just in a static picture!


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