Here’s How Each Member Of TWICE Looks With And Without Bangs

Trying to pick your favorite look on #4 is actually impossible.

The girls of TWICE have proved they can rock just about every hairstyle they try. Check out how each member looks with some fringe and try to pick your favorite style!

1. Jihyo

Jihyo has shown that she can easily pull off some cute, wispy bangs.

However, she looks just as stunning with her forehead exposed.

It seems that Jihyo suits any hair length and style — leaving her fans unable to agree on their favorite look!

2. Nayeon

Nayeon rocks the trendy Korean style of see-through bangs.

They frame her face nicely and give her an innocent look, bringing your attention to her doe eyes.

However, since she has an oval face, she can slay just about any style she tries!

Lucky Nayeon!

3. Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon looks flawless in some full bangs that extend toward her cheek bones.

If you have a heart-shaped face like her, try this look!

However, she has a sexy and smoldering vibe without bangs. Which do you prefer?

4. Momo

The hime cut, or a haircut with stark chin-length layers, was totally made for Momo!

However, once you see her without any bangs, it’s hard to pick your favorite look on her.

Really, what can’t she pull off?!

5. Sana

Sana looks incredibly elegant with long hair and no bangs.

However, her vibe totally switches with a haircut. She instantly becomes super cute!

When she parts her bangs in the middle, she gives a much sexier vibe.

6. Mina

Fans went crazy for Mina‘s iconic blonde locks in “More & More” with minimal bangs.

Mina’s oval face looks well-balanced with or without bangs.

It all comes down to her personal preference!

7. Dahyun

Dahyun hardly ever sports bangs and tends to stick to her long locks.

However, it’s not difficult to imagine!

Since she has a shorter forehead, the no-bangs look is the way to go.

8. Chaeyoung

Full bangs match Chaeyoung‘s artsy and cool vibe.

Even with short hair, she’s absolutely gorgeous.

However, she definitely doesn’t need them. In fact, she makes it impossible to choose your favorite look!

9. Tzuyu

Tzuyu often looks best in her long, side-swept layers.

That doesn’t stop her from looking totally cute in bangs, though!

This visual queen can rock a variety of looks.