Here Are 10+ Times TWICE Proved They Don’t Need Makeup To Show Off Their Visuals

They have nothing to hide!

The girls of TWICE are totally gorgeous on stage, and their natural visuals shine just as much during their off-time. Here are 10+ moments when barefaced TWICE left us shook with their effortless beauty.

1. Jihyo encounters fans and shows her impressive “no filter” visuals.

2. Tzuyu isn’t afraid of a close-up.

3. Dahyun also stuns lucky fans with her natural beauty.

4. Nayeon looks bright without a drop of makeup.

5. All Momo needs to look her best is a smile.

6. Chaeyoung looks both adorable and innocent with a bare face.

7. Fans praise Dahyun for her visuals at the airport.

8. Jeongyeon is totally glowing as she carries Momo.

9. Mina looks like the girl-next-door with her effortless beauty.

10. Just looking at Sana’s face is refreshing.

11. Tzuyu looks like she came straight out of a drama.

12. Jihyo’s barefaced selfies are a blessing.

13. Sana left fans shook from her natural cuteness.

14. Jeongyeon has nothing to hide.

15. Nayeon still looks cute as a bunny with her natural look.