Here Are 10+ Adorable Photos Of TWICE In Berets To Brighten Your Day

#2 looks flawless.

The girls of TWICE look beautiful anytime they sport this adorable accessory. Check out these 10+ times they rocked berets like no other!

1. Dahyun is so pure in her beige beret.

2. Red is definitely Nayeon’s color!

3. Tzuyu is pretty in pink.

4. Sana stole fans’ hearts in this look.

5. Chaeyoung has the cutest combo of glasses and a beret!

6. Jeongyeon gives serious French model vibes.

7. Jihyo is flawless!

8. Dahyun can pull off anything.

9. We need more beret Momo!

10. Chaeyoung looks like a doll.

11. Eye-contact with Jeongyeon is enough to make a fan’s heart explode.

12. Chaeyoung’s fuzzy beret is amazing.